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Organisation advice


What is peer review?
Intervision as a word is twofold and in a literal sense means: mutual (intermediate) opinion (view). Many people (and therefore professionals) have an idea of ??what intervision could mean: helping each other, exchanging
experiences, and "mirroring" are examples of this.

Apparently intervision has to do with how people look at something together, have a vision about it. The how, what, why and where professionals can intervise with each other requires further clarification, especially when it comes to a more or less systematic approach to possibilities in practice.

Intervision and supervision
"Intervision is supervision without a separate supervisor." From this point of view, intervision is seen as a variant of supervision, in which participants in intervision are trained as supervisors and supervisors.

What does a training for team building & intervision include?
- learning to convert work experiences into learning experiences,
- learn to bring practical situations and working principles in harmony with personal functioning,
- learn to make decisions and reflect on the effect of action, thanks to insight into action alternatives.

Intervision, quality and team bui